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Howl repairs a rip in his sleeve using magic in HMC.

Also in Dark Lord of Derkholm . . . they do some sort of repair to the house
after it gets stretched and half-collapses thanks to flying pigs and griffins .
. .

[Plus there's the whole Querida and Derk needing to repair their broken bodies .
. .
More thematically: the whole world of Derkholm needs repair (as the whole world
of Witch Week needs repair.)]

In Sudden Wild Magic Gladys's house is in a state of intentional
dis-repair(front gate falling down, toilet seat won't stay up). Plus doesn't
Marcus take apart a play house? I'm not sure if he puts it together again

I can think of lots of cases where things (and people) need repair, but we don't
see actual physical repair, rather, things are repaired in some not-so-obvious
way. For example, in Wilkins' Tooth the girls' home needs repair but it can't
be fixed until they find their birthright/stolen jewels again. Or the
washing-machine in The Ogre Downstairs breaks thanks to Johnny . . . but can't
be fixed until the entire situation is sorted out. Or the Dad's car in Black
Maria gets repaired somehow after going off the cliff. Or Romanov's house in
Merlin Conspiracy starts to fall apart when he is ill, but is fixed up when he
gets better.


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