[DWJ] Greer Gilman, and Joan Aiken

Otter Perry ottertee at silverwinggraphics.com
Sat Oct 4 21:07:22 EDT 2008

Ooooooooooooh!  Oh, thank you!  Thank you!

May heaven shower blessings on your head!

On Oct 4, 2008, at 1:13 PM, Minnow wrote:

> I may be telling people things they already know, but...
> Greer Gilman, who wrote the amazing *Moonwise* and has got better (if
> that's possible) has got a book out some time at the beginning of  
> next year
> from Small Beer Press: worth checking at http://lcrw.net/gilman/ 
> index.htm
> (and $26 for a hardback)
> So I went and looked there, and in the order form I also found
> Joan Aiken, The Serial Garden          $20
> which is said to be all Joan Aiken's 'Armitage' stories in one volume,
> including four new ones (I think) and introductions by Joan and by her
> daughter.
> I have a emory of people here talking about that as a possibility  
> after
> we'd been wondering where all the Armitage stories could be found,  
> but I
> don't remember it being spoken of as a fact.  Anyhow, there it is  
> for what
> that's worth.
> Minnow


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