[DWJ] Something you might enjoy... Gunnerkrigg Court

Anita Graham anita at joli.com.au
Mon Nov 24 08:32:41 EST 2008

Seeing the list is quiet I'll recommend "Gunnerkrigg Court
<http://www.gunnerkrigg.com/> ". It's more than a web comic - perhaps it's a
graphical novel coming out page by page, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

It seems to appeal to the parts of me that like DWJ, Neil Gaiman, Terry
Pratchett and Garth Nix. And it is set in a boarding school (so I'll
probably recommend it on girlsown, too).


I was introduced to it by my 18 year old son (he and I push things at each
other, and this one is definitely a winner for him), and my 12 year old
daughter is reading it too.


The hardest part about being a fan of it is that there is so much
unexplained universe there.. I want to know a lot more.


Another world I'd like to know more about is that of "Flora Segunda
Fyrdraaca" by Ysabeau Wilce, but I don't see any signs of another book
coming.  I think I heard (heard? Read, I mean) about that one here on the
DWJ list.


Any other good stuff out there.




Anita Graham

anita at joli.com.au

0411 645 149



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