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At 14, I think he might find the Chrestomanci books a touch childish. 14 is a difficult age because so often the kids are so desperate to prove themselves adult that they refuse to come near anything kiddylike, and at the same time they're NOT adults and can't be expected to enjoy, say, Fire and Hemlock. :-) So my suggestions would be (even though they're not necessarily MY personal preference) A Tale of Time City, Powers of Three, Archer's Goon, The Homeward Bounders, or The Dark Lord of Derkholm. 


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> Not sure if the list is just very slow these days or if I've somehow gotten dropped, but I need advice!  I was at the drug store near my house, and they had just set up their Salvation Army holiday giving tree - you know, where you pick up a card that says a kid's age and gender, and what they want/need for Christmas and you go buy it and bring it back.  Most of them said Transformers/GI Joe/Littlest Pet Shop/etc. but I picked one for a 14-year-old boy who wanted "a book store gift card."  I'll definitely be going to Barnes and Noble this week and loading up a giftcard, but I was also thinking about sending along an actual book, too.  So if you had to pick one of DWJ's books for a 14 year old boy that you'd never met, which one would you choose?  I'm thinking one of the Chrestomanci ones, but I would love suggestions!  Thanks!
> -Sylvia
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