[DWJ] A question about Tove Jansson illustrations of the Hobbit

Liina liina.poropudas at gmail.com
Fri Nov 14 01:13:11 EST 2008

> I've been reading my copy of the Annotated Hobbit, which includes
> illustrations from many different editions of the Hobbit.  I particularly
> like Tove Jansson's (I also LOVE her Moomintroll books, of course!)  I've
> been trying to work out how to purchase a copy of that includes all of
> her illustrations, but am having some trouble.

There was a recent new edition of Hobbit with Jansson illustrations in
Finnish a few years back. (2004, apparently.)

I couldn't find it in any of the web stores I looked at, but could keep my
eyes open if you really want it? It might be available in one of the
bookstores anyway.
I'm not sure if it contains all of the illustrations, but I think so.

The cover looks like this, and it's a hardcover:


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