[DWJ] A question about Tove Jansson illustrations of the Hobbit

Otter Perry ottertee at silverwinggraphics.com
Fri Nov 14 00:21:37 EST 2008

What you need to do is Google on "Bilbo: en hobbits aventyr".
You will find such links as this:


and this one.  I can't figure out if this has the right illustrations,
but you can ask fairly easily, since it's in Washington state:


I notice the price is $49.95.

This seems to be the same site as the one above:


If you Google on the Finnish title, you get stuff
like this:


This is in Finnish.  You could try writing them in English.  I don't
think Finns really expect you to know Finnish.

And I think this site might be useful.  There seems to be a more
edition of the Swedish book:

1994 Bilbo Swedish ISBN 91 518 2727 1

It might not have all the Jansson illustrations, but the cover is
certainly hers.

Oh.  Here's the site:


... but I expect you already know about it.

On Nov 13, 2008, at 7:31 PM, Jackie E Stallcup wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I've been reading my copy of the Annotated Hobbit, which includes
> illustrations from many different editions of the Hobbit.  I  
> particularly
> like Tove Jansson's (I also LOVE her Moomintroll books, of  
> course!)  I've
> been trying to work out how to purchase a copy of that includes all of
> her illustrations, but am having some trouble.
> There is a Swedish edition published in 1962 by Raben and Sjogren  
> (sorry,
> I can't make my email program do the umlaut over the o there) under  
> the
> title _Bilbo: en hobbits aventyr_ (and an umlaut over the a) and a
> Finnish edition published in 1973 by Kustannusosakeyhtio Tammi  
> under the
> title _Lohikaarmevuori, eli, Eraan hoppelin matka sinne ja  
> takaisin_ (not
> even going to attempt to tell you where the umlauts are).
> I just want it for the illustrations, so would be happy to find either
> edition though I wouldn't be able to actually read them.  But none  
> of the
> bookstore sites I look at seem to have books in Swedish or  
> Finnish.  Are
> there sites similar to Amazon, abebooks or alibris for Swedish or  
> Finnish
> books?   Or does anyone have other suggestions for finding copies?
> I can find my way to Moominvalley and info about the Moominmuseum, but
> there doesn't seem to be a purchase page there, or anything other than
> Moomin material (though I would love to have some of the dishes  
> that are
> pictured on the site).
> Any help you can offer will be gratefully received!
> Jackie
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