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Elizabeth Bentley elizabeth at wardrobe-on-the-web.com
Tue May 20 13:38:21 EDT 2008

Does anyone know what happened to Jenny Overton? I read and loved The  
nightwatch winter, would love to read Creed country (must buy it),  
and now I know there is the Thirteen days of Christmas. But that  
seems to be all she wrote.

Elizabeth Bentley
elizabeth at wardrobe-on-the-web.com

On 20 May 2008, at 17:42, HSchinske at aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 5/20/2008 9:02:02 A.M. Pacific Daylight  Time,  
> Minnow
> writes:
> I just  hope it finds a deserving home so
> that it gets out into the world, because  it is fun.  Based on what  
> happens
> when someone decides to *do* what is  in the song and starts with one
> partridge, one pear  tree...
> Isn't there another book like that? Ah, found it -- The Thirteen  
> Days of
> Christmas, by Jenny Overton. Though I'm *sure* DWJ's is quite  
> different!
> So sorry about her back.
> Helen Schinske
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