[DWJ] blurbs and books and suchlike

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Tue May 20 07:23:55 EDT 2008

I went to see DWJ because her back is bad again (alas!) and it is a comfort
to her to chat about all the nothing-things one can chat about when one
can't sit up, and I witnessed that she had tried to read two books sent to
her by publishers for comment on their back covers and decided that neither
was one she could honestly praise nor worth sitting reading if it hurt her
back to do it, so I can confirm that she doesn't *always* give a favourable
comment even to a new author who needs encouragement.

Somebody commissioned a short story from her a few weeks ago, and though
she warned him she was unwell and might take a while to get it to him she
rose from a bed of sickness to write it over a weekend and met the original
deadline -- and now he doesn't want it!  So she crippled her back to no
good purpose, and she can't for the moment write down the last chapter of
the book she was doing before the short story turned up and took priority,
and I have a special circle in hell reserved for people who don't know a
good thing when they read it.  I just hope it finds a deserving home so
that it gets out into the world, because it is fun.  Based on what happens
when someone decides to *do* what is in the song and starts with one
partridge, one pear tree...

The Greenwillow cover for their edition of The House of Many Ways (which
ought to be out in America soon or even now though we in England have to
wait until later for our edition) is rather splendid and very right...  So
not all is doom-and-gloom.


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