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> Minnow wrote:
> > 'Verbs that go to en' once led to me making a list, I forget why, and to my
> > astonishment it is still around in a file called 'en-words'.
> >
> > write, written                          normal

A former student who is now doing an MA in Germanic linguistics advises me that
"to get" is actually a class 1 strong verb like write/wrote/written, so that
it's original past participle was "gitten."  Go figure!

(There's quite an entry on "strong verb" on Wiki at http://en.wikipedia.org/

My favorite bit of linguistic trivia is that "aks" for "ask"--very common around
here--is the original form, since the Anglo-Saxon verb was "axidon."  In fact,
I've seen the spelling "aks" in seventeenth-century texts.



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