[DWJ] Re: Gotten, was Re: DWJ on Bujold

Joe oddenda at gmail.com
Fri May 16 16:55:19 EDT 2008

On 16 May 2008, at 02:26, Paul Andinach wrote:
> I'm a bit bemused by the Flavorwave oven, which is better than 
> conventional cooking because "it uses 3 types of heat - conduction, 
> convection, and infra-red rays". As opposed to a conventional oven, 
> which... er...

Yes. They seem a bit coy about using the word "radiation". I wonder 
why? I'm with Minnow, though: the freakiest thing on the page by a long 
way is the concept of cooking an omelette in the toaster. And I include 
the mirror and the mother-in-law in that.

On the other hand, anyone who's tried one of those egg boiling devices 
will agree that they're not as daft as they first appear, especially if 
you happen to want to boil six eggs a day. They have been common in 
German kitchens for many years, in my experience, some of them with 
lids cunningly shaped like hens. What hens would be doing cooking their 
own eggs is anyone's guess.


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