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Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Wed May 14 18:32:05 EDT 2008

Alison asked:

>In re strange past tenses - I have really started noticing people saying
>"shined" where I learned to say "shone".  What is the past tense of

I'm with others here: I would tend to say that a windscreen 'shone' in the
sun, but somebody putting a polish onto a windscreen 'shined' it.  I have
no evidence for this being 'correct'; it's just what I would be likely to

>Also - from Minnow's list:
>> strive, ? striven (?for strived?)       deliberately archaic
>Wouldn't this be strove?  He strove mightily?

I simply don't know!  And now that I look in a nice ancient dictionary (SOD
1933) it says 'strive, pa.t. strove, pa pple. striven'.  I think it was on
my list as 'strived' because it was in Malory somewhere: 'then they strived
mightily together' or some such phrase.  Fowler in 1926 says that 'the OED
adds that many examples of strived (for both) occur in writers of every
period from the 14th to the 19th c.'

>And another pet peeve - using "gift" as a verb, instead of the perfectly
>good "give."

Verbing nouns is a very traditional irritation, along with nouning verbs.
:-)  I suppose it is part of the growth of a language, even if it drives
some of us mad while it is happening.  According to the SOD 'gift' has been
a verb since about 1600, so it has probably been annoying people for four
centuries or so.  Either that or 'give' has, as a nasty modern word that
people didn't oughter used that way!  :-)

Love this language.


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