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Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Tue May 13 15:30:32 EDT 2008

>In a message dated 5/13/2008 11:39:15 A.M. Pacific Daylight  Time, Minnow
>Which  reminds me, can anyone by any chance pinpoint any places where JA
>uses  'gotten'?  I need something contemporary and Utterly Acceptable In  The
>Literary World to make a point for an American who has been told that  she
>can't use 'gotten' in a book set in 1815 London because it's  American.

Helen Schinske wrote:

[snip examples for use]

>It's dead easy to do this kind of search in Google Books  (books.google.com),
>by the way: click on Advanced Search, put "gotten" in the  search box, and
>put whatever dates you like in the "Return books published  between the
>years of
>[blank] and [blank]." So, for example, from books between  1810 and 1825, I

[another snip for use]

I have to conclude that the Project Gutenburg has edited the texts, if
Roger looking there didn't find any 'gottens', but Google had them in Emma
and Mansfield Park.  That in itself is interesting.  What else have they
changed?  Do the say 'revised and updated' anywhere?

Thanks to all who've found me these examples.  I was *sure* I'd seen it
used in Austen, but I don't have the web capacity to do searches there.


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