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Which  reminds me, can anyone by any chance pinpoint any places where JA
uses  'gotten'?  I need something contemporary and Utterly Acceptable In  The
Literary World to make a point for an American who has been told that  she
can't use 'gotten' in a book set in 1815 London because it's  American. 

>From Emma, chapter 13 (and I'm afraid it sounds *awful* out of  context!): “
Well,” said she to herself, “this is most strange! After I had  gotten him off 
so well, to choose to go into company, and leave Harriet ill  behind!”
>From Mansfield Park: To which he answered, they were some lines he had  
gotten by heart out of a 
play.— "Ay, there is nothing but heathenism  to be learned from plays," 
replied he ..."
It's dead easy to do this kind of search in Google Books  (books.google.com), 
by the way: click on Advanced Search, put "gotten" in the  search box, and 
put whatever dates you like in the "Return books published  between the years of 
[blank] and [blank]." So, for example, from books between  1810 and 1825, I 
"That we have gotten 
free from all the laws of the British Parliament  by the 
mutiny bill, I deny; for the post-office remains. That we 
have  gotten free from the insult, I deny; for Ireland is named 
in the new British  act.* That we have gotten free from the 
exercise of the British mutiny bill  by our own, I deny; for 
the British act has expired in our determination to  disobey it"
from the Miscellaneous Works of the Right Honourable Henry Grattan,  
published 1822.
Helen Schinske

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