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OED: 1. Obtained, acquired, won (chiefly with accompanying adverb). Now
rare, exc. in ILL-GOTTEN.
c1340 Cursor M. 4913 (Trin.) We haue wi{th} vs trussed nou{ygh}t But
{th}ing {th}at we truly bou{ygh}t And so is oure trewe geten {th}ing.
c1380 WYCLIF Sel. Wks. III. 302 Sathanas..to whom {th}ei maken sacrifice
and omage for {th}is falsly geten lordischip. 1477 EARL RIVERS (Caxton)
Dictes 64 Pouertee is better than euyl goten richesse. 1548 HALL Chron.,
Edw. IV, 231 The gain of the nyne gotten battailes. 1580 SIDNEY Ps. x.
iii, This gotten blisse, shall never part. 1603 KNOLLES Hist. Turks (1621)
59 Three or foure yeeres passed in great quietnesse, to the great
strengthening of him in those new gotten kingdomes. 1665 MANLEY Grotius'
Low C. Warres 265 They should not endanger their gotten Honour. 1715-20
POPE Iliad X. 596 Haste to the ships, the gotten spoil enjoy. 1820
CHALMERS Congreg. Serm. (1838) II. 54 He is apt to be satisfied with the
triumphs of his gotten victory. 1894 GLADSTONE Horace's Odes 36 On gotten
goods to live Contented.

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