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Tue May 13 13:38:16 EDT 2008

On 2008/05/13  <devra at aol.com> wrote:
> As a long-ago writer and publisher of Star Trek fanfic, I can think of?several reasons why people write it, rather than making up their own characters:
[snip several very good reasons]
> There are probably more reasons, but those are the ones that spring most immediately to mind.

Don't forget the good old standby of "What if?" I read a lot of Harry
potter fanfic, and some of the best are AU stories, where something is
changed---often at quite an early stage---and the resulting changes
are played out.

For example, one of my favourite sequences commences about six months
into Harry's sojourn at Hotel Dursley and has a very-depressed Remus
Lupin bumping into Harry and his baby-sitter in the park. By massive
coincidence the baby-sitter is Hermione Granger's older sister. By
even more massive coincidence...no, I think I'll let you read it for
yourselves if you're at all interested <snork>

An interesting aspect of this series is that a fan community has built
up around it, also based on the author's original fiction, and they
have written a bunch of stories based upon the fanfic itself: a kind
of recursive fanfic if you like. There are actually AUs based on the
original AU, and a framework into which they all fit: it's a work of
considerable art I tells ya.

...who pilfered a bit for himself, and wrote a crossover with his own
original story just for fun, but you'll have to ask really nicely to
see that ;-)

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