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But both  of those being said, DWJ is a bit of what my friend in
the publishing biz  calls "a blurb whore". It is possible that she
reads all of the books for  which provides blurbs. It is even
possible that she likes them all as much  as she says she does,
although given her general level of snark I find that  hypothesis
suspect. But as a reviewer, I read vast piles of banal  mid-list
fantasy for children, and DWJ's blurbs find themselves onto  the
covers of a lot of those.

I haven't had that impression myself -- I've found DWJ's blurbs vastly more  
trustworthy than, say, Jane Yolen's. Certainly more than Anne McCaffrey's --  
shudder. I've gotten to the point of taking A.M.'s blurbs as an  
anti-recommendation, and am almost there with J.Y.'s (even though I quite like  Jane Yolen 
in general). But I haven't had to slog through the piles of mid-list  fantasy, 
so I'll take your word for it that some of DWJ's might be less  reliable than 
others. I've usually been going on "Oh, I think I heard someone  recommend 
this AND it's got a blurb by DWJ. Goody!"
Helen Schinske

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