[DWJ] The Game... anyone playing?

Irina Rempt irina at valdyas.org
Tue May 13 03:50:30 EDT 2008

On Tuesday 13 May 2008, Aimee Smith wrote:
> So... Did I miss a discussion, or are we waiting for more people to
> read The Game before we open a conversation?

I haven't read it yet but please don't wait for me; I don't mind spoilers. 

And I'm not saying this to be polite, expecting people to wait anyway, I 
*really* don't mind spoilers, and I wish people (not here, but recently, 
annoyingly, elsewhere) would believe what I say, not what they guess I mean.

     "Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth
should that mean that it is not real?"           --Albus Dumbledore
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