[DWJ] The Game... anyone playing?

Aimee Smith aimees001 at gmail.com
Tue May 13 03:40:57 EDT 2008

So... Did I miss a discussion, or are we waiting for more people to  
read The Game before we open a conversation?
I managed to read it all last night.
Hope nobody minds if I make a(nother?) start...


I guess a spoiler warning and a big space might help us kick off...



Spoiler, spoiler, there's a spoiler going on...


My humble jumble of thoughts:

I really, really loved the mythosphere. I loved the physical  
representation of mental and cultural links and developments.
It reminded me - I wrote an essay on the structure of a short story  
once, in the genre of a (scifi) short story. Threads are what I used  
to physically represent influences on a text, etc. (My character was  
in VR). Anyway.

I liked that she made use of the swans. I like the swan fairytales.  
I'm pottering around on a combination-of-all-of-them story.

I'm going to say something really obvious now.
DWJ is Queen of Hiding and Revealing Things.
I love the way DWJ starts with a normal, everyday person, usually a  
child, who gradually realises (and so does the reader) they're being  
exploited or hard done by, and who then discovers that the world is a  
whole lot bigger and different, and they a whole lot more powerful,  
than they thought.
I suppose it's easy to see why she writes those kinds of stories, and  
so well - her own experiences.
Her skill in making us inhabit the mental transformation of her  
characters is, as far as I've read, unparalleled.
I wonder when, on average, children do begin to realise that the way  
things are for them may not be the way things are for most people? I  
suppose it varies. I suppose Hayley is an indication. :P

If anyone designs games, I'm sure there should be one of the  
mythosphere. I want to play the game!

Did I mention I love the mythosphere?
I would dearly love to read a longer, fuller, deeper story, set - if  
not with these characters, in this setting.
Hayley's story felt... so much bigger than the length it was given.  
S'pose it was intended for a shorter-booked audience, but I'd like a  
longer version for myself, so I can really explore.

I wonder why Baba Yaga felt compelled to take a maid's position with  
Hayley's grandmother?

Favourite characters were Flute and Fiddle, by a long shot. I also  
liked Orion and Aunt Aster! I hope Flute & Fiddle are in any other  
mythosphere book! The way is certainly open...


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