[DWJ] I have to giggle about this somewhere...

jodel at aol.com jodel at aol.com
Mon May 12 14:11:17 EDT 2008

Actually, this might be a reasonable time to be a disgusting show-off and mention that I've repurposed my Pick-ups page on the Red Hen site so that if someone wants to they can now download a full-resolution file of one of my Publications projects. (these will rotate by the month.)

For May the file is 'The Slytherin Study Group (Year 4)' which is a *howlingly* funny Marauder-era fic that spins off into something rather surreal. Actually, since it was started back in the 3-year summer it wasn't initally as obviously AU as it now is.


It's probably one of the most graphically complex things I've done so far. It takes hard work to make an e-book look that beat-up...

(Someone just wanting to read the silly thing would be better off with the 72 dpi version in the main Publications area. Can be read online as well, but since its a .pdf it will probably load slowly.) 



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