[DWJ] I have to giggle about this somewhere...

Phil Boswell phil.boswell at gmail.com
Mon May 12 13:18:59 EDT 2008

On 2008/5/12 Katarina Hjärpe <head_overheels at hotmail.com> decided to
inflict upon the rest of us:
[in response to my sparkling display of wit, to wit]
> > Happily I was unable to locate such a story.
> Teh Librarian strikes with teh mad Google skillz!
> http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2868848/1/voldermorts_unbreakable_love
> The best that can be said for that fic is that it's very short, and that I don't *think* it was written seriously.
> And since I found the story via a sporking of it, here's a link to the sporking:
> http://community.livejournal.com/deleterius/3047112.html

Gah! It burns and stings!

And to think I was feeling guilty about the Dark Lord Ron Jeremy...
...who's not feeling guilty in the least about Luna Lovegood, however,
who is a treasure and a treat in almost any incarnation

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