[DWJ] I have to giggle about this somewhere...

deborah.dwj at suberic.net deborah.dwj at suberic.net
Mon May 12 09:20:26 EDT 2008

On Sun, 11 May 2008, Irina Rempt wrote:
> Secunda: "You know what would be a fun pairing? Voldemort and Ron!"
> Prima and me, as one woman: "Write it!"

By the nature of Quantum Fetish Mechanics, by having mentioned
it, they have caused it to exist somewhere on the Internet. That
is how the world works.

Of course, by the nature of the Harry Potter fandom, and I'm
pretty sure there are no two names that exist in the entire
universe which hadn't been shipped by somebody, somewhere.

DWJ fandom seems much more restrained. *g*

 	-- Rosa Parks

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