[DWJ] my husbandOt:

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Tue Mar 11 07:47:59 EDT 2008

>my husband had a heart attack last saturday. he will have some stints put
>in tomorrow. they did the kath this afternoon.

All the very best of fortune to him and to you, Beth.  Don't forget to look
after yourself as well, through this huge worry.  Allow yourself comfort
food and little treats you feel like, because you too need to be a bit
cherished when something this awful happens.  The best advice I had when my
father was very ill a couple of years ago was 'let yourself cry: it won't
hurt him and it may help you' -- which feels strange, but it did help a bit
so long as I didn't do it *at* him.

You're both on my 'prayer-list', too: I hope you don't mind!


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