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Coincidentally, I'm just doing a graphic novel list AS I TYPE THIS.

Good ones are

the Artemis Fowl one, which I actually like better than the book (not

there's a new series of Agatha Christie graphic novels from Harper Collins
- they're in the French Style (like Tin Tin). There's 8 volumes, with Death
on the Nile, Orient Express, etc.

For middle-years girls, there's the MINX imprint from DC comics - aiming to
provide some positive, kickarse female characters in a genre that tends to
have too many scantily clad, busty plot devices. I recommend Cecil
Castelucci's PLAIN Janes, and Derek Kirk Kim's Good as Lily.

Oh, and the Babysitter's Club graphic novels are quite surprisingly good.

There's also American Born Chinese, which I'm sure you already have, by
Gene Luen Yang.

For older readers, I'd recommend the BUDDHA series by Tezuka, as well as
NANA, and if you want to be cute ROD (Read Or Die - about a librarian who
can kill you with a sheet of paper). And Her Majesty's Dog has been
recommended to me, but I haven't read it yet.

And Scott Pilgrim, by Bryan Lee O'Malley.

I also LOVE Y: The Last Man, but it's has all of the sex/language/violence
boxes ticked, so that's up to how brave you are.

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On Fri, 29 Feb 2008, Joe Nankivell wrote:
> On Fri, Feb 29, 2008 at 10:58 AM, Jennifer Rowland
<janamouse at hotmail.com> wrote:
>> (Now back to buying books for the library. Nonparametric Statistics with
>> Applications to Science and Engineering, or The Analysis of
>> Categorical Data? It's a tough one.)
> Ah - you've just nailed the _other_ downside: "buying books" covers
rather a
> lot of ground. On my desk at the moment: "Head injury: the facts" (yuk),
> "Foundations of marketing" (snore), "Irish tort legislation" (double
snore -
> unless, of course, it's what you're into). Want me to go on?
> Of course, I don't get to choose them; I just have to buy them. And look
> them when they arrive. ("Diseases of the sheep: a colour atlas"...)

I don't know, sometimes it's interesting to see what people
create books about. When we had to digitize "Lead Poisoning in
Antiquity", that was a fun one.

Is there any acceptance these days of the theory that lead poising from
water pipes was a factor in the decline of the Roman empire.
In a school library one can at least buy lots of interesting books. In an
age when the Internet is the only place where many kids will bother looking
for information I have an obligation to sellect books that they will want
to take off the shelf. I can't justify spending my quite limited budget on
something no-one will ever look at. At the moment that means buying lots of
graphic novels and manga - always on the lookout for recomendations (hint,
hint - remembering that our youngest readers might only be 11 year olds)



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