[DWJ] School Matters and Library Dream Jobs

Kait Bessing kait.bessing at comhem.se
Sun Mar 2 13:58:40 EST 2008

Oh, I see! Thanks for the explanation.

As for reading the keys, I was taught to type on a typewriter with blank 
keys. (This was in the 70s.) Since then I've used the Touch method, where I 
don't have to look at the keys to know what - and where - they are.

I do sometimes make mistakes anyway, but mostly because I type so fast that 
I tend to press the keys in the wrong order.

This is why it's always a good idea to read the mail over before sending... 


Jon Noble wrote:
> Ferrals is a typo for ferals, meaning, in >this case
> 15 year old boys in severe need of >domestication. On my previous
> keyboard I could blame the fact that the keys frequently stuck owing
> to the large amounts of coffee that had been spilt on it. All I can
> blame on this one is the fact that I foolishly bought a replacement
> on which it is impossible to read the keys except under very good
> light and on which all they keys are slightly smaller so I keep
> hitting the wrong ones.
> Jon

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