[DWJ] School Matters and Library Dream Jobs

Aimee Smith aimees001 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 1 08:29:08 EST 2008

> My school sport yesterday was sport detention with a real bunch of  
> ferrals - it being to wet for them to bother truanting.
> Jon

Oh, yuk. I know what that's like. Did some of it last year. It should  
be known as 'Crash Course in Accelerated Forbearance' or 'Babysitting  
the Forces of Evil' or possibly '10 reasons to take a proper sport  
next time, you dumb second year teacher'.
Not that our school has *very* many of those kids, to own the truth.  
We do have some impressive ones. But it's quite amusing to see the  
ones who *think* they're gangsta strut around, and to reflect that in  
a genuinely tough school, they'd get beaten up. Medicinally, to the  
general improvement of their character.

> Deborah said:
> The other downside is finding a library with acquisitions budget.
> Or rather, a library with an acquisitions budget which isn't
> spending it all on electronic.

Ah yes. The ever present balancing act of book to electronics - of  
which there never seems to be enough.
And dealing with teachers or students frustrated with either shortage,  
and not being able to help... egh.

> I really enjoy helping my middle school teacher friend do
> acquisitions for her Drop Everything and Read shelf. A couple of
> times year she gets a big sum of money and we gleefully make book
> lists. Her mission, with my help: turning urban thugs into
> fantasy dorks since 2003.

Yes! Fun! Great goal!

> When I was interviewing for the job I currently have I was also
> interviewing for a position at a local private girls' middle
> school. Gorgeous gorgeous library, huge acquisitions budget,
> active book groups with the students, practically every new great
> middle school and young adult fantasy novel on display on the
> shelves in hardcover. I was turned between salivating with
> jealousy and real anger at the educational inequities in my city,
> but it was mostly salivating with jealousy. For timing reasons I
> ended up having to drop out of that process, but wow. If I'd
> known I had a good shot at the job (I knew they had a strong
> internal candidate who they ended up hiring) I have stuck it out,
> because in a lot of ways, serious dream job.

Know what you mean. I have two friends at a posh girls' school in the  
city, and they say there's a person whose sole job it is to find new  
books for the library, organise author visits and go to book launches.  
While I like the idea of the state system, it would be awful nice to  
have this setup!


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