[DWJ] The Sharing Knife

Mark Allums mark at allums.com
Wed Jun 25 17:47:03 EDT 2008

Mark Allums wrote:
> The third book is a worthy book, and is more of a stand-alone than the 
> first two were.  Really, the first two were a single book, and the 
> publisher made the final decision to make them two volumes.  The fourth 
> had a working title of "Wide Green World", will be called _Horizon_ in 
> the final publication (in keeping with the single word titles), and we 
> are told that the last two books are related by sequence, but are more 
> independent of each other than the first two.

I should clarify/correct something about the title.  Ms. Bujold 
solicited title suggestions on the Bujold list, and she mentioned _Wide 
Green World_ as an early candidate.  A few members of the list had read 
the manuscript of the third book (or an ARC, I forget which) and made 
some good suggestions.

At some point, Ms. Bujold spoke up and allowed that she wanted one word 
titles.  I do not remember if this was during the titling of Passage or 
Horizon, but it made good sense, it makes for consistent covers (which 
are beautiful for this series).

--Mark Allums

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