[DWJ] The Thief

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Wed Jun 25 15:21:13 EDT 2008

Hallie wrote:
>Gen says "What a lie that was" (about the prison not being so bad), which is
>something Howl also says (when he claims to be 'cone sold stober' after the
>Rugby Club reunion).

A lot of people have said that as they realised that what they'd just said
was clearly untrue!  :-)

>There's also an emerald dolphin ring, alluding to Rosemary Sutcliff's *Eagle
>of the Ninth*

More than just the one book...  'Look, I've got a dolphin on my shoulder.
I'm your long-lost brother' is from *The Lantern Bearers*, in which the
dolphin has become a family crest to Aquila and Flavia and the ring comes
back to Aquila from captivity with his sister among the vikings, and is
then used as a token between them, carried by her son when Aquila saves his
life and sends him home to her.  That dolphin-ring (it's a dolphin carved
on a flawed emerald) then carries on down the family, playing an important
part in *Dawn Wind*.  I am even unsure whether the house in *The Armourer's
House* being called 'The Dolphin House' from a pair of dolphins carved over
the door may be related: perhaps that  family were descended from Marcus
even though that is never mentioned because she wrote that one three years
before EotN.  Maybe she had those dolphins in her mind when she wrote
Marcus' father's ring for EotN.  I *think* that the last 'personal'
appearance the ring makes is after the Norman conquest, in *The Shield
Ring*, when it is small for the hero Bjorn Bjornson -- 'Perhaps the people
of Romeburg had narrower hands than the Northmen' -- who had it from a
'far-off foremother from Wales'.

Why do I happen to know all that off the top of my head?  Well, my brother
named me out of *Sword at Sunset*, so the name on my passport comes
straight from Rosemary Sutcliff's work....  I think it pleased her.  I hope


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