[DWJ] The Sharing Knife

Mark Allums mark at allums.com
Wed Jun 25 13:28:32 EDT 2008

Otter Perry wrote:
> Mmmm.  I'm reading the second part of The Sharing Knife.
> I know the third part is out.
> My questions are:
>    Has anybody read the third part?
>    Is it any good?  Is it an adequate conclusion?
> No spoilers please.

The third book is a worthy book, and is more of a stand-alone than the 
first two were.  Really, the first two were a single book, and the 
publisher made the final decision to make them two volumes.  The fourth 
had a working title of "Wide Green World", will be called _Horizon_ in 
the final publication (in keeping with the single word titles), and we 
are told that the last two books are related by sequence, but are more 
independent of each other than the first two.

Bujold is now working on the earliest stages of a Miles book, so woohoo!

Mark Allums

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