[DWJ] Spelling

Sally Odgers sodgers at Iinet.net.au
Tue Jun 24 13:04:26 EDT 2008

Spelling - to put letters together to make words
Spelling - to make magic
Spelling - resting

So, why DO teachers correct 3+5 = 9 but NOT she lied down on the bed?????

ODWJM - Stopping for a Spell

Me usband says I attach too much importance to spelling and grammar. *I*
say... and he doesn't attach too much importance to using the correct kind
of cable for his audiophiling? 

I expect we all attach importance to that which we find important. I would
prefer to listen to a tune I liked played on poor equipment than a tune I
disliked played on audiophile equipment. He can appreciate tunes he dislikes
played on audiophile equipment but cannot abide tunes he likes played on
poor equipment. Mind you, we both prefer tunes we like played on audiophile
equipment. Now, how can I get rid of those C&W divas, B Ferry and Assorted
Jazz without him noticing?

Seen today on our walk, a sigh saying, mysteriously, "Clivia's".

Sight four sail?

OK, Deborah. I'll be quiet now.


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