[DWJ] Misc. and the Glad Game

Aimee Smith aimees001 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 24 03:40:45 EDT 2008

There's an Anne conference?!
... and Kathleen's in Vanuatu...
Hm, of all the places to be this week, regional Queensland (even if it  
is pretty) entering reporting data is *so* not up there!

Glad game being played:
- Doctor Who starts Saturday, Aussies! Woohoo!
- There's an audiobook I might listen to...
- People care enough about apostrophe misuse to Do Something About It
- There exists a PEI for me to visit one day. The White Way of Delight!
- Current winter very preferable to summer.
- Am babysitting kitten who likes to snuggle in my lap.
- SMSs from Vanuatu about Kathleen's quest to eat flying fox.

That'll be something to talk about on a dwj-list food-ramble one day.



End of procrastination.

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