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LWilkinson at slv.vic.gov.au LWilkinson at slv.vic.gov.au
Mon Jun 23 22:30:52 EDT 2008

Has anyone seen Paprika? Not a Miyazaki, but a reasonably recent Japanese
anime film.

It's all about dreams leaking into the real world and it's quite dark and
disturbing but visually stunning, and the music is great too.

(here's the best quality bit i could find online)

I always find whenever I watch a Japanese anime, I completely lose track of
the narrative in the final act. Absolutely no idea what's going on. But I
don't care. It doesn't push me out of the world, I just sort of get swept
along with the madness. And I end up having to watch it several times
before I really understand what happened.

I felt exactly the same as a teenager reading Fire and Hemlock and Hexwood
- loving the overwhelming feeling of being completely immersed in a world I
didn't quite understand, like when things change when you're dreaming and
you don't really know why but you're happy to go along with it, even though
your mum is suddenly a talking frog.

 And it's only been as an adult that I've really felt the need to sit down
afterwards with a pen and paper and Wikipedia and really figure out what

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