[DWJ] Crotchety

Sally Odgers sodgers at Iinet.net.au
Mon Jun 23 10:39:14 EDT 2008

Someone said ...
and a lot of dwj -- is how incredibly crotchety the protagonists are.
Chrestomanci, Awful, Charmain, Sophie, Helen, Gair.

I'll add - I love the way she makes characters with faults real and
endearing. Chrestomanci is vain, Howl is vain AND a slitherer-outer, the
Prat Rupert is a prat, Maree is a pain in the bum, Awful is a pest... but I
love them all. I'm glad DWJ is not a conwoman or a poli. She'd have had a
disastrously grand career in making us think the unacceptable was not only
acceptable but lovable.


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