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emily whitrod wuffles at live.com.au
Mon Jun 23 08:41:22 EDT 2008

Hey Chelsea,
What I did like in Black Maria was that the world didn't change when they went back in time, and how it worked out that everything was supposed to happen, like him playing with the cats just before he goes into the earth, and their being at the other side of the house, hearing they are also at the front of the house. Though DWJ also uses the different worlds and series ideas in the Chrestomanci books where incidences can just create new worlds instead of making it so that past present and future are linear regardless of the time travelling involved. 
On the other hand, I always wonder how magic and time work together - the guy in the ground was in some sort of spell stasis, in which he became thin and old, but did not die. It just makes me wonder how it really works? Maybe he got nutrients from the soil... like a tree! (you know, he doesn't die, but he DOES become skinny, on the other hand he doesn't eat but he still lives... You can't say that time just slowed down because he still aged just as much, and he did "grow", inasmuch as his hair and beard grows... No sunlight for however many years can't be pretty!) 
I really think if I wasn't going to become a teacher/librarian, I would love to be an editor. Woo! Fun :D I would love to be able to tell people how to write... like being a policeman, but instead you get to read books and have fun while fighting crime! (Putting the apostrophe in the wrong place is now a crime.)
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