[DWJ] Welcome Emily And introducing myself (Chelsea)

Chelsea Watson c.wildmagic at gmail.com
Mon Jun 23 08:24:59 EDT 2008

Hi Emily,
This is my first post as well, I'm also from Australia, Canberra to be
exact, and I am also studying to be a teacher. I also have the luck of
working in a bookshop, so I know all the cheats. I order Diana's books as
soon as they come out in the US (simultaneous to UK).
Sally our shop has a great deal with our US distributor, but not all do,
it's still worth trying! I also have not seen Howls Moving Castle yet. I
really wanted Howl to be a live dashing hero.
 My favorite Diana book is Deep Secret, closely followed by the Derkholm
Emily: I have always loved the way Diana deals with time travel, making it
seem so matter-of-fact and all the pieces fitting together. It seems to me
that she is very much of the school of thought that what happens (like going
back in time) has already happened, which I like It the opposite of the
grandfather paradox which is much more common in fiction.

Hope this was ok and not too rambling!


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