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Sat Jun 21 20:15:51 EDT 2008

Sorry, Jon, I forgot to mention (I think I was too excited about posting in a mailing list), I'm from Australia - Adelaide to be exact. I didn't expect to find someone from Tasmania! It seems a lot of people would be from the UK, since that is DWJ's home soil.
Sally: I did love The Game, if only it could have been longer... just so that I could have spent more time reading it. I love books with magic/travelling, though time travel always gets a bit tedious. It was kind of like that in Black Maria, but the book itself was too enjoyable to get nitpicky with the time travel involved.I read the Merlin Conspiracy ages ago, but I gave it to a friend for a present, because I thought they might enjoy it. 
In respect to Howl's Moving Castle, I think the movie really kind of gave a lot of anime/Miyazaki fans a new author to check out, but I don't like it when people who haven't read anything but the books you can find in a book store talk about her writing! E.g. Christopher Chant and that ilk, where they kind of argue, "oh, it's just another HP or something"... These books were written in the 70's/80's! I'm hoping Howl's Moving Castle and the fact that they've reprinted a lot of her books will mean more people find out about DWJ! Also when I achieve my dream of becoming a teacher-librarian... I can influence the next generation and they'll all be reading her ;)
Well that was my meandering, in essence, I love DWJ!
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