[DWJ] Welcome Emily

Sally Odgers sodgers at Iinet.net.au
Sat Jun 21 12:27:55 EDT 2008

>the list really could go on, since I love them all, but I guess everyone
feels that way! 
>I'm in my first year of studying junior primary and primary education.
>Hello everyone! Emily

Hello, Emily. I'm Sally Odgers from Tasmania. You can go on listing your
favourites as much as you like. We do it every so often. My favourites are
Deep Secret, Howl's Moving Castle and Fire and Hemlock. I'm also fond of The
Merlin Conspiracy and The Game, but haven't yet read them the required five
or six times to really digest them. (DID anyone else ever listen to the
audiobook version read by Emilia Fox and David Tennant?) I'm TRYING to get
my claws on House of Many Ways but despite paying for it twice, no book has
so far appeared in my claws. I'm probably the lone holdout who has never
seen the Howl film. I was so resentful that it was made in animation instead
of Live Action that I probably never will.


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