[DWJ] House of Many Ways

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Sun Jun 15 06:40:26 EDT 2008

Kait asked:

>Query: How do you actually pronounce Charmain? My inner voice says
>"Char-MAIN"; but since people in the book keep calling her "Charming", maybe
>it should be something like "CHAR-min" instead??
>Please let me know, if anyone has any good ideas!

The three I knew at school all pronounced it 'shar-MAIN' -- and all three
of them suffered at some point from being called 'charmin', because it was
such an obvious mis-spelling.  Missing the 'g' off the end of 'charming'
just made it a south-east or cockney pronunciation.  It annoyed all three
of them, one to the point of explosion and the other two to quiet
irritation.  Friends didn't do it, only people who wanted to wind them up.


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