[DWJ] House of Many Ways

Kait Bessing kait.bessing at comhem.se
Sun Jun 15 06:11:26 EDT 2008

Well, I ordered the book from the SF Bookshop here in Stockholm. And after 
all, I did receive the trade paperback, even though I've told them so many 
times I DON'T want those, and will cancel an order rather than receive a 

Despite my rooted objection to the format, however, I managed to polish the 
book off in 2,5 days, which is pretty good going for me!

Obviously I couldn't take very long sittings, due to the strain om my wrists 
from holding the book up so close to my eyes.

Also, I went to work on Friday as usual, and I've also eaten and slept and 
watched some TV in-between whiles.

Still, last night the book was getting so exciting that I COULDN'T put it 
down, and I read on until four o'clock this morning, when I finally finished 

It was a great story, fully up to the previous two Ingary books. I really 
like the way DWJ manages to turn everything around, so that people turn out 
NOT to be what you'd thought!

I also like the way the heroine isn't always very nice; she can be cranky 
and crabby and unreasonably impatient with people. And self-centred. And 
lazy. (Reminds me of ME in my less brilliant moments!!) (grin)

Query: How do you actually pronounce Charmain? My inner voice says 
"Char-MAIN"; but since people in the book keep calling her "Charming", maybe 
it should be something like "CHAR-min" instead??

Please let me know, if anyone has any good ideas!

Kait in Stockholm, Sweden

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