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Susanna Victoria dragonflygreen11 at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 29 17:19:50 EDT 2008

Ooooh, I visited PEI about 8 or 9 years back when I was in college, and have been trying to make my way back ever since.  How wonderful that you got to go there! I always think of it as the most improbably perfect bucolic landscape, perfect rolling hills and scattered farmsteads and patches of wood, encircled by the sea and the red cliffs. Although most of the roads are now the color of asphalt, instead of red, which was rather disappointing.  As a long time Anne fan, it is an absolutely wonderful place to visit, but I think even non-fans would like it, as long as one manages to avoid the sort of places where one can take a photograph wearing a red pigtailed wig and long dress.


Jackie E Stallcup wrote:

>Well, I just think that PEI is fabulous!  I was going to say that I don't
think that Mrs. Rachel would be spinning in her grave, but upon further
thought, well, I guess she probably would be.  In addition to a Village
of Avonlea (which I didn't go into), there's also a Lake of Shining
Waters water park and a few other things like that.  But on the other
hand, the Green Gables homesite/national park is lovely (it's the house
that Montgomery had in mind when she described Green Gables and it
belonged to her aunt and uncle (brother and sister, like Matthew and
Marilla)) and is walking distance from the house where she lived with her
grandmother.  We stayed at the Kindred Spirits bed and breakfast, which
is walking distance to both these places and quite lovely.  The graveyard
where Montgomery is buried is also right there (along with a golf
course).  I suppose the island as a whole is an odd but also wonderful
mixture of old and new.  

My husband and I drove around for four days just marveling at how lovely
everything is.   It was cool and rainy the whole time and people kept
thinking we were crazy because we were enthusing about how wonderful the
weather was!  (well, it was, compared to here at home, where it was over
100 degrees and dry dry dry)

If any of you do get to go, in addition to the Green Gables house and the
Montgomery homesite (there's no house there anymore, but you can see the
old basement and all the trees that she loved), I would recommend seeing
her birthplace, which is just a few miles away from the homesite.  There
was also a great little museum type site where she used to go visit
relatives (across the road from the Anne of Green Gables museum), but it
was closed this time and rumor has it that it is up for sale.  Let me
tell you, I was tempted!!!  But then I keep thinking, snow all winter,
snow all winter...

Anyway, I think that the Island as a whole has kept its charm and beauty
despite the various sites that are just too touristy for words.  I highly
recommend a trip there.


P.S.  the conference was a lot of fun, too!  

On Sun, 22 Jun 2008 22:33:41 -0700 (PDT) estairm at yahoo.com writes:
> Hey, Emily, welcome!
> I'm Esther, waving to you from Israel, and I also WISH I could go to 
> PEI and see the red roads. 
> To those lucky souls who are going, please write us a report about 
> what the Island is like in these degenerate times.  I want to 
> calculate just how fast Mrs. Rachel Lynde is spinning in her grave.  
> :-)
> Esther
> --- On Sun, 6/22/08, emily whitrod <wuffles at live.com.au> wrote:
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> Subject: Re: [DWJ] Welcome Emily
> To: "Diana Wynne Jones discussion" <dwj at suberic.net>
> Date: Sunday, June 22, 2008, 8:53 PM
> It does sound like there's quite a bit of diversity in this group! 
> Jackie: If I could go to Prince Edward Island, I soooo would. Also, 
> in
> Australia, we can get temperatures that hot during summer. Luckily 
> at the
> moment we are in the middle of winter, much nicer.
> Thanks everyone for making me welcome :) This is one of the most 
> liveliest
> mailing lists I've found, I think!
> Emily
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