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good guess!  Southern California, the Los Angeles area.  The city that I
live in is Ontario and we're out in what is known as the Inland Empire. 
This is the valley to the east of Los Angeles.  I work in Northridge,
which is the much more famous valley to the west of Los Angeles (the
valley of "Valley Girl" fame).  Both valleys are much much hotter in the
summer than the LA area proper because the valley walls block the sea
breezes.  So, whereas it might be 70 down at the beach, it will be 80 or
so where my parents live (very close to the city of LA) and 90 to 100 out
in the Valleys.  That is, an hour drive can change temperatures by as
much as 30 degrees.  

As for summer temps in the 20-25 C range, when we were in England one
summer, it was 80 degrees F(about 20-25 C, I think), and people kept
asking us if it was "hot enough" for us, as if this was somehow "HOT". 
We had to laugh--that's like a nice fall or even winter temperature for
us--very pleasant!  (It was 104 in January one year).  


On Sat, 5 Jul 2008 11:44:47 +0200 "Kait Bessing" <kait.bessing at comhem.se>
> Hello Jackie,
> Thanks for your lovely description of PEI. It's a place I've always 
> wanted 
> to see since I read the Anne books.
> I've been trying to work out where you live - hot and dry, no snow 
> in the 
> winter, temperature in Fahrenheit... somewhere in southern USA 
> perhaps??
> Kait in Sweden -
> where summer means +20-25 C, and anything above that is a heat wave!
> Jackie E Stallcup wrote:
> >> Hi everyone,
> >>
> >> Well, I just think that PEI is fabulous!  I was going to say that 
> I
> >> don't think that Mrs. Rachel would be spinning in her grave, but
> >> upon further thought, well, I guess she probably would be.  In
> >> addition to a Village of Avonlea (which I didn't go into), 
> there's
> >> also a Lake of Shining Waters water park and a few other things 
> like
> >> that.  But on the other hand, the Green Gables homesite/national
> >> park is lovely (it's the house that Montgomery had in mind when 
> she
> >> described Green Gables and it belonged to her aunt and uncle
> >> (brother and sister, like Matthew and Marilla)) and is walking
> >> distance from the house where she lived with her grandmother.  We
> >> stayed at the Kindred Spirits bed and breakfast, which is walking
> >> distance to both these places and quite lovely.  The graveyard 
> where
> >> Montgomery is buried is also right there (along with a golf 
> course).
> >> I suppose the island as a whole is an odd but also wonderful 
> mixture
> >> of old and new.
> >>
> >> My husband and I drove around for four days just marveling at how
> >> lovely everything is.   It was cool and rainy the whole time and
> >> people kept thinking we were crazy because we were enthusing 
> about
> >> how wonderful the weather was!  (well, it was, compared to here 
> at
> >> home, where it was over 100 degrees and dry dry dry)
> >>
> >> If any of you do get to go, in addition to the Green Gables house
> >> and the Montgomery homesite (there's no house there anymore, but 
> you
> >> can see the old basement and all the trees that she loved), I 
> would
> >> recommend seeing her birthplace, which is just a few miles away 
> from
> >> the homesite.  There was also a great little museum type site 
> where
> >> she used to go visit relatives (across the road from the Anne of
> >> Green Gables museum), but it was closed this time and rumor has 
> it
> >> that it is up for sale.  Let me tell you, I was tempted!!!  But 
> then
> >> I keep thinking, snow all winter, snow all winter...
> >>
> >> Anyway, I think that the Island as a whole has kept its charm and
> >> beauty despite the various sites that are just too touristy for
> >> words.  I highly recommend a trip there.
> >>
> >> Jackie
> >>
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