[DWJ] hexwood, archer's goon, and age

Philip Belben philip at axeside.co.uk
Sun Jul 6 14:41:01 EDT 2008

Katta wrote:

> This is rather OT, I'm afraid, but I just had to say: Oh, thank God
> it's not just me! I had a friend yesterday saying that we were so
> different from when we met at 19, and my immediate reaction was,
> "...I'm not." I probably am, in a hundred ways, but as glad as I am
> to not be an adolescent anymore and at everyone else's mercy, I do
> often feel that this adult thing is a game of make-believe.

There's a wonderful cartoon by Fougasse.  It works better with the 
drawings, but just imagine a parade of full length portraits, every "old 
man" stereotype you can think of:

When I look at Smith, whom I used to be at school with,
and Jones, whom I used to be at college with,
and Brown, whom I used to play cricket with,
and Robinson, whom I used to play football with,
and Thompson, whom I used to play tennis with,
and Simpson, whom I used to play golf with,
and Jackson, whom I used to sail with,
and Jameson, whom I used to run with,
it often strikes me as funny that I haven't changed too!


(I'm not getting any older.  But it's such a shame my parents are!)

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