[DWJ] Back from PEI

Kait Bessing kait.bessing at comhem.se
Sat Jul 5 05:44:47 EDT 2008

Hello Jackie,

Thanks for your lovely description of PEI. It's a place I've always wanted 
to see since I read the Anne books.

I've been trying to work out where you live - hot and dry, no snow in the 
winter, temperature in Fahrenheit... somewhere in southern USA perhaps??

Kait in Sweden -
where summer means +20-25 C, and anything above that is a heat wave!

Jackie E Stallcup wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> Well, I just think that PEI is fabulous!  I was going to say that I
>> don't think that Mrs. Rachel would be spinning in her grave, but
>> upon further thought, well, I guess she probably would be.  In
>> addition to a Village of Avonlea (which I didn't go into), there's
>> also a Lake of Shining Waters water park and a few other things like
>> that.  But on the other hand, the Green Gables homesite/national
>> park is lovely (it's the house that Montgomery had in mind when she
>> described Green Gables and it belonged to her aunt and uncle
>> (brother and sister, like Matthew and Marilla)) and is walking
>> distance from the house where she lived with her grandmother.  We
>> stayed at the Kindred Spirits bed and breakfast, which is walking
>> distance to both these places and quite lovely.  The graveyard where
>> Montgomery is buried is also right there (along with a golf course).
>> I suppose the island as a whole is an odd but also wonderful mixture
>> of old and new.
>> My husband and I drove around for four days just marveling at how
>> lovely everything is.   It was cool and rainy the whole time and
>> people kept thinking we were crazy because we were enthusing about
>> how wonderful the weather was!  (well, it was, compared to here at
>> home, where it was over 100 degrees and dry dry dry)
>> If any of you do get to go, in addition to the Green Gables house
>> and the Montgomery homesite (there's no house there anymore, but you
>> can see the old basement and all the trees that she loved), I would
>> recommend seeing her birthplace, which is just a few miles away from
>> the homesite.  There was also a great little museum type site where
>> she used to go visit relatives (across the road from the Anne of
>> Green Gables museum), but it was closed this time and rumor has it
>> that it is up for sale.  Let me tell you, I was tempted!!!  But then
>> I keep thinking, snow all winter, snow all winter...
>> Anyway, I think that the Island as a whole has kept its charm and
>> beauty despite the various sites that are just too touristy for
>> words.  I highly recommend a trip there.
>> Jackie

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