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Fri Jan 18 04:08:18 EST 2008


That's it too. Well said.


> I think this plot strategy is less upsetting when it's introduced  
> during
> the story, rather than at the end.  Because then you get to examine  
> the
> idea and think about it throughout, rather than have all your thoughts
> about it overturned at the last moment.  In essence, it becomes PART  
> of
> the story, rather than changing the meaning of the story after the  
> fact.
> Allison
> On Thu, Jan 17, 2008 at 09:54:49AM +1100, Aimee Smith wrote:
>> Interesting.
>> I had thought I disliked this plot strategy universally, but first
>> someone had the idea that one might have had an adventure then
>> forgotten it (cool), and then 'Life on Mars' is mentioned.
>> This plot point is actually something I love about the series (what
>> I've seen) because it adds a new layer of meaning or mystery: if Sam
>> *is* hallucinating, why this? What is he there to resolve within his
>> mind? And is it possible that it can be both time travel *and*
>> hallucination at the same time?
>> I also love it because it's good quality and *different* - I'm not
>> usually interested in crime dramas, especially ones that tend to slip
>> over into (MA) ratings territory.
>> I have noticed that just because it might not be real, the fact that
>> Sam's aware it might not be real and is still willing to get  
>> involved,
>> is enough for me to enter into it too and enjoy it. I suppose this is
>> also helped by the fact that he appears stuck there and that it's a
>> consistent dream. It seems that even though it might not be real, it
>> matters.
>> Reminds me of Dumbledore's comment at the train station, that.
>> Aimee

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