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Btw,  does anyone else mourn that even if there is a heaven, and even if we 
get to  meet all kinds of people there, we'll never get to meet our friends 
from  books?

I remember Elizabeth Wordsworth said when she was very old that she wanted  
to have _Vanity Fair_ read aloud to her, rather than something more serious,  
because "I shall soon see people like Shakespeare and Milton, but I shall not  
see Becky Sharp."
One of my favorite picture books when I was little was _The Dragon in the  
Clock Box_, in which a little boy tells his family that he is hatching a dragon  
egg inside the little box the new alarm clock came it. I took it all as 
fantasy  -- I mean literary fantasy -- that he really did have a dragon egg, and it 
 really did hatch. Later I read the story in a school reader, and the teacher 
 said "Do you think he was just imagining the dragon?" (which apart from 
anything  else was a DUMB way to begin a discussion) and everyone else said yes. I 
was  pissed.
Helen Schinske

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