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> It could  be worse, even so.  It could be a narrative in which the
> first-person  narrator character loses her memory, which leaves one to
> wonder *who wrote  it* and how *she* knew.  I have encountered that.
> I recall reading a book once in which it was obvious that the whole thing
> was being told from the point of view of one person -- and yet that person dies,
> some pages before the end!

I've seen that done clearly accidentally, but when done well it
can have a fairly horrifying effect. Robert Cormier did something
similar a couple of times that I can think of, in After the First
Death and I Am the Cheese. In both these cases, the narrative
voice is revealed by the story's end to be completely unreliable
as a source of the facts narrated in the story. A little bit
different from the Hexwood unreliability which Gili pointed out.

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