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> the case with most of us? (It certainly is with me.) So, rather than say to
> the reader, in effect: "You too may one day have an adventure like this,"
> perhaps we should read Cooper and O'Shea is as hinting that *we may already
> have had one*.

The parallel to this that hurts me is in Diane Duane's Deep
Secret, where Nita asks what will happen if she loses her
wizardry, and Tom (or Carl?) tells her (I'm paraphrasing) "Oh,
you will forget. Sometimes you will feel like you are missing
something, but then, most humans think it is normal to have a
nameless sorrow at the bottom of their soul." The end result has
been that very frequently, when I have a fit of inexplicable
depression or PMS, I think, "Is this because I did something
horrible and forgot something beautiful like wizardry?"

In plain then, what forbids he but to know,
Forbids us good, forbids us to be wise?   -- Paradise Lost

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