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In <7242bd80801150136l1834426eq411f5cb1cd7965d0 at mail.gmail.com>, Charles Butler wrote:
>On forgetting generally - I'm not a big fan, but having now finished *The
>Hounds of the Morrigan* it seems to me that what O'Shea is trying to do
>there (and I think the same may also be true of Cooper) isn't so much banish
>her characters from the magical world as to give her readers a back-door way
>*in*. In both those books, the children half-remember at times - they have a
>vivid dream, they hear a name or a haunting melody and find it tantalisingly
>familiar, they have the sense of something just out of reach. Well, isn't
>the case with most of us? (It certainly is with me.) So, rather than say to
>the reader, in effect: "You too may one day have an adventure like this,"
>perhaps we should read Cooper and O'Shea is as hinting that *we may already
>have had one*.
>Just a thought!

Rather a good one, I think, so long as one doesn't mind the idea that 
one may have been mind-raped, and that one will never be sure whether 
one was or not.  You may just have given us all nightmares there: scads 
of folk rushing for hypnotic regression therepy just in case spring to 
my mind, I have to admit.

(And I am reminded of someone I knew who believed strongly in 
reincarnation.  He got one of those tapes to play as one goes to sleep, 
that is supposed to make one dream of a past life, and he did indeed 
dream of a past life, but for a long time he refused to talk about it.  
Finally we badgered hiom into submission and he broke his silence.  He 
had dreamed very vividly, and repeatedly, of being a peasant in the 
middle ages, and dying in his late teens -- he wouldn't tell us what he 
died of.  I don't think he ever got over the disappointment of not 
dreaming about how he'd been a pharoah...)

DWJ dislikes the 'memory taken away' cop-out rather a lot (and the 'it 
was only a dream' one too) and has of course taken steps of her own to 
counter it.  A strong effort is made to prevent Nick from keeping his 
memory of events, but being a strong-willed person he walks round it by 
keeping records that he will find later.  Good for the character, good 
for the author, say I!


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