[DWJ] characters losing their memories

Paul Andinach pandinac at ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au
Mon Jan 14 19:05:53 EST 2008

On Mon, 14 Jan 2008 minnow at belfry.org.uk wrote:

> The first time I met it was in Kipling's *Puck of Pook's Hill* and 
> *Rewards and Fairies*, and even when I was a very small child I 
> thought it made the whole thing less, somehow.  What's the point of 
> teaching them all that stuff about their history if they aren't 
> going to remember any of it?

I agree in general, but I've never felt that it applied to the Kipling 
books. The last episode of 'Rewards and Fairies' ends the same way as 
all those before, with Puck making them forget *until next time*; 
we're never given a final episode, so we don't know whether Puck 
didn't let them keep the memories in the end.

> Masefield ruined *The Box of Delights* with it, too, though that one 
> had already got out of hand and unsuspended my disbelief well before 
> the end.

Actually, as I recall, 'The Box of Delights' uses that other wonderful 
ending-ruining device, "He woke up. It had all been a dream."

"Hold fast to the one noble thing."

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