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> Well I hear that there has been another author death this last week.
> Although not  in SF or fantasy, or anyone that I think any of us ever
> met personally.
> George Macdonald Frasier; age 82 after, the obit said, some years
> battling with cancer. There was evidently a recent Flashman that I
> missed, which I am going to have to find, but it is the last of them.
> Just as depressing a piece of news as Terry Prachett's recent
> announcement.

You think? Much as I am sure it's sad to lose a favourite author (and the
end to their books), Fraser was elderly. Pratchett is relatively young and
should be looking at another good twenty+ years of creative life. I think
his alzheimer's diagnosis is far more depressing than an old man dying, even
after an awful illness.

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