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On Jan 8, 2008, at 7:09 AM, Minnow wrote:

> That has to be 'Mrs. Nutti's Fireplace', and I have it in *A Harp of
> Fishbones*, the Puffin collection that was published in 1975 (Cae 1972
> hardback, I think).  The deal is that it is a room-swap between her  
> room in
> town and the music teacher's in the country, organised via  
> 'Exchange and
> Mart' or some such paper.  The girl the music teacher loves but can  
> only
> see through the window, since when he goes out by the door  he is  
> back in
> the house in the country, is called Sophie, which is why I remember  
> it!
> The infant Griffin (whose name is 'Furry') says 'thrackle' and  
> 'gleep',
> which  I swear I have met somewhere else.
> I have just checked: I have three books of Aiken short stories, all  
> from
> Puffin: *A Harp of Fishbones and other stories* (1975), *A Small  
> Pinch of
> Weather and other tales* (1976) and *All But  A Few* (1974), which  
> has in
> it most of two earlier Cape collections, *All You Ever Wanted* and  
> *More
> Than You Bargained For*.  Between them these three contain fourteen  
> stories
> about the Armitage family, some more Mark and Harriet than others.

Hmmm.  More stories than I've found.  I must go hunting.

The only other Aiken I reread regularly is "The Shadow Guests".  I  
have to
be in the mood for a good cry, of course.


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